Areas of use

Intended use or optical performance: finding the right binoculars

Eschenbach Optik offers a variety of options to help you find the best binoculars to suit your requirements.  One good way is to start by selecting the area of use, to find out the specification that your future high performance binoculars will require and to see what models of binoculars are recommended. For example, hunting binoculars must meet different criteria to opera glasses. Binoculars for trekking have a different specification to those used for sport or sailing. Wildlife observation or birdwatching require a different spotting scope to the one you would take on your next holiday.

You can also find the right model for your requirements by filtering your search according to technical or optical performance. Magnification is an important search criterion. In the case of most binoculars, magnification and objective diameter are stated in combination, e.g. 8 x 42. This means that these binoculars make objects appear eight times closer than they would when viewed by the naked eye and the objective lenses have a diameter of 42 mm. The greater this value, the more light can be admitted and the brighter the image. However, as this value increases, so too does the size and weight of the binoculars. If you’re looking for an excellent pair of binoculars and would like to filter your search according to optical performance, then we recommend our Product Overview.

Hunting and safari

Hunting and safari fans place very special demands on their binoculars: they need binoculars with high quality optics and a robust design which is built to withstand all kinds of weather.

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Bird watching and wildlife observation

Binoculars and spotting scopes for those who enjoy observing nature and wildlife or bird watching must meet the highest standards when it comes to colour fidelity and detail resolution.

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Hiking and trekking

When you’re out hiking and trekking, the weight and size of your binoculars are of paramount importance. An ideal solution here, for instance, would be a monocular.

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Holidays and travel

Leisure binoculars for holidays are the true all-rounders. When you’re travelling with a rucksack or taking a flight, weight and size are very important.

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Sporting events

Whether you’re watching football in a stadium or sailing on the waves, the right binoculars must excel both in terms of functionality and quality.

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Theatre and concerts

The ideal binoculars for theatre or concert events must have a handy design, an elegant appearance and high quality lenses.

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